2006-08-16Seminar on Quantitative Economics will continue on Thursday, September 21, 2006.

Department Strategy - Research

Essentially two planning horizons are covered:

  • "short term" activities with horizon about from one to three years which aim at completion of the main economic indicators database and its applications to different (macro-) economic models;
  • "long term" activities with almost unbounded horizon which aim at opening new ways for solving basic theoretical economic problems.

The members of department have concentrated on the following research fields:

  • real and monetary macrodynamics, stochastic economics, econometrics, and econometrical modelling,
  • theoretical fuzzy set approach to decision making,
  • nonlinear and stochastic optimization, stochastic dynamic optimization,
  • stochastic differential-difference equations and its applications to the mathematical finance, and to stability of economic dynamics,
  • uncertainty processing in expert systems,
  • advanced methods in financial econometries.